The Chairman's Council is an elite group of Foresters Financial's top registered representatives*, determined annually. Members are eligible for generous cash bonuses, receive exclusive promotional materials and are recognized at the Company's annual convention.

Meet the members of the 2016 Chairman's Council:

Name Office Title
Jessica Wuerz Rockland President
Pat Sciarra Central Jersey Executive Vice President
Patrick Siria Lexington First Vice President
Daria Schumacher Albany Senior Vice President
Carrie Mullins Beaverton Senior Vice President
Michael Panarello Downtown NYC Senior Vice President
Brian Wong Central Jersey Senior Vice President
Sara Rohne-Tanner Beaverton Senior Vice President
John Stogner Lexington Senior Vice President
Christopher Scott Chicago Senior Vice President
Gary Blount, Jr. Charlotte Vice President
Kevin Fennell Rockland Vice President
Reis Rosenbledt San Diego Vice President
James Slater Chicago Vice President
Nicholas Doyle Phoenix Vice President

* Qualification for the Foresters Financial Chairman's Council, Chairman's Circle and other recognition programs and honorary titles (such as President, Vice President, etc.) are based on sales of investment and/or insurance products.