Ticker Symbols and Fund Codes

Equity Funds

Class Fund Prefix CUSIP Symbol
Covered Call Strategy
A 2AV 320616832 FRCCX
Advisor 6QV 320616824 FRCDX
Institutional 7QV 320616816 FRCEX
Equity Income
A 36V 32061M308 FIUTX
B S6V 32061M605 FIUBX
Advisor 66V 32061M795 FIUUX
Institutional 76V 32061M811 FIUVX
A 0NV 320601107 FIISX
B BNV 320601206 FIBGX
Advisor 6NV 32061M753 FIITX
Institutional 7NV 32061M761 FIIUX
Growth & Income
A 06V, 30V, 37V, 41V 32061M407 FGINX
B B6V, S7V, T1V 32061M506 FGIBX
Advisor 67V 32061M779 FGIPX
Institutional 77V 32061M787 FGIQX
Hedged U.S. Equity Opportunities
A 2BV 32061M654 FHEJX
Advisor 6VV 32061M647 FHEKX
Institutional 7VV 32061M639 FHELX
A 43V 32061M852 FIINX
B T3V 32061M845 FIIOX
Advisor 69V 32061M662 FIIPX
Institutional 79V 32061M670 FIIQX
Long Short
A 2CV 320579105 FRLBX
Advisor ACV 320579204 FRLDX
Institutional NCV 320579303 FRLIX
A 35V 32061M209 FIUSX
B S5V 32061M704 FIMBX
Advisor 65V 32061M712 FIVUX
Institutional 75V 32061M720 FIVVX
Premium Income
A 2DV 320616667 FPIKX
Advisor ADV 320616659 FPILX
Institutional NDV 320616642 FPIMX
Real Estate **
A 48V 320616865 FIRDX
Advisor 6YV 320616857 FIRGX
Institutional 7YV 320616840 FIRHX
Select Growth
A 42V 32061M860 FICGX
B T2V 32061M878 FIGBX
Advisor 68V 32061M738 FICHX
Institutional 78V 32061M746 FICIX
Special Situations
A 32V 320616303 FISSX
B S2V 320616881 FISBX
Advisor 62V 32061M688 FISTX
Institutional 72V 32061M696 FISUX

Taxable Bond Funds

Class Fund Prefix CUSIP Symbol
Floating Rate
A 46V 320574825 FRFDX
Advisor 6WV 320574817 FRFEX
Institutional 7WV 320574791 FRFNX
Fund For Income
A 0IV, 07V, 0QV 320600109 FIFIX
B BIV, BQV 320600208 FIFJX
Advisor 6IV 320574833 FIFKX
Institutional 7IV 320574841 FIFLX
A 0JV 32060H102 FIGVX
B BJV 32060H201 FIGYX
Advisor 6JV 320574809 FIHUX
Institutional 7JV 320574700 FIHVX
International Opportunities Bond
A 44V 320600505 FIOBX
Advisor 64V 320574858 FIODX
Institutional 74V 320574866 FIOEX
Investment Grade
A 33V 320600307 FIIGX
B S3V 320600406 FIIHX
Advisor 63V 320574874 FIIJX
Institutional 73V 320574882 FIIKX
Limited Duration Bond
A 47V 32060H300 FLDKX
Advisor 6XV 32060H409 FLDLX
Institutional 7XV 32060H508 FLDMX
Strategic Income
A 45V 320574304 FSIFX
Advisor 60V 320574403 FSIHX

Mixed Asset Allocation Funds

Class Fund Prefix CUSIP Symbol
Balanced Income
A 49V 320574783 FBIJX
Advisor 6ZV 320574775 FBIKX
Institutional 7ZV 320574767 FBILX
Total Return
A 0PV 320616204 FITRX
B BPV 320616873 FBTRX
Advisor 6PV 32061M829 FITUX
Institutional 7PV 32061M837 FITVX

Money Market Funds

Class Fund Prefix CUSIP Symbol
Government Cash Management
A 0AV 320574106 FICXX *
B BAV 320574205 *
Institutional 7AV 320574502 FIFXX *

Municipal Bond Funds

Class Fund Prefix CUSIP Symbol
California Tax Exempt
A 09V 320604507 FICAX
B B9V 320604697 FICFX
Advisor 6LV 320604499 FICJX
Institutional 7LV 320604515 FICLX
Connecticut Tax Exempt
A 23V 320604853 FICTX
B M3V 320604689 FICUX
Advisor 6SV 320604473 FICYX
Institutional 7SV 320604481 FICZX
Massachusetts Tax Exempt
A 02V 320604101 FIMAX
B B2V 320604648 FIMGX
Advisor 6CV 320604457 FIMHX
Institutional 7CV 320604465 FIMJX
Michigan Tax Exempt
A 03V 320604200 FTMIX
B B3V 320604754 FTMJX
Advisor 6DV 320604432 FTMLX
Institutional 7DV 320604440 FTMMX
Minnesota Tax Exempt
A 04V 320604309 FIMNX
B B4V 320604747 FIMOX
Advisor 6FV 320604416 FIMQX
Institutional 7FV 320604424 FIMRX
New Jersey Tax Exempt
A 08V 320604606 FINJX
B B8V 320604630 FINKX
Advisor 6KV 320604382 FINLX
Institutional 7KV 320604390 FINNX
New York Tax Exempt
A 0HV 320917107 FNYFX
B BHV 320917206 FNYGX
Advisor 6HV 320604366 FNYHX
Institutional 7HV 320604374 FNYJX
North Carolina Tax Exempt
A 29V 320604820 FMTNX
B M9V 320604622 FMTQX
Advisor 6TV 320604341 FMTTX
Institutional 7TV 320604358 FMTUX
Ohio Tax Exempt
A 05V 320604408 FIOHX
B B5V 320604739 FIOJX
Advisor 6GV 320604325 FIOKX
Institutional 7GV 320604333 FIOLX
Oregon Tax Exempt
A 34V 320604838 FTORX
B S4V 320604721 FTOBX
Advisor 6UV 320604291 FTOTX
Institutional 7UV 320604317 FTOUX
Pennsylvania Tax Exempt
A 20V 320604705 FTPAX
B M0V 320604614 FTPDX
Advisor 6MV 320604275 FTPEX
Institutional 7MV 320604283 FTPFX
Tax Exempt Income
A 0EV, 24V, 38V 32060M101 FITAX
B BEV, S8V, M4V 32060M200 FITCX
Advisor 6EV 320604549 FITDX
Institutional 7EV 320604887 FITEX
Tax Exempt Opportunities
A 31V 30157P300 EIITX
B S1V 30157P409 EIIUX
Advisor 6BV 320604523 EIIAX
Institutional 7BV 320604531 EIINX
Virginia Tax Exempt
A 21V 320604804 FIVAX
B M1V 320604598 FIVBX
Advisor 6RV 320604259 FIVCX
Institutional 7RV 320604267 FIVDX
  • * This fund is NOT Fund/SERV eligible.
  • ** The First Investors Real Estate Fund will be closed to new purchasers effective 5/21/18 and will liquidate on or about 6/22/18.