Policies and Procedures

We are pleased to provide the First Investors Funds Trading Policies and Procedures. Please call our Broker/Dealer Services Department at (800) 524-2803 if you have questions regarding our trading policies and procedures.

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Service (12b-1) Fee Rates

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Trading Policies and Procedures

In the event of a system failure with the NSCC or the Broker/Dealer, we will continue to accept and settle orders outside Fund/SERV. Any such orders must be placed through our Shareorder Department, (800) 524-2163, prior to 4:00 p.m. EST. Please do not send late transmissions via Fund/SERV as we do not confirm them. Foresters Financial will confirm orders placed “as of” a previous date through Fund/SERV (no more than 6 months from the trade date).

Losses incurred from rejected trades will not be charged back to the Broker/Dealer, as long as the Broker/Dealer, contacts Foresters Financial by 9:15 a.m. EST on the morning of the trade rejection. Only then will shares be reserved in the name of the Broker/Dealer. Rejected trades must be reentered on that day. Failure to send a second trade for reserved shares will result in the Broker/Dealer being charged for any losses incurred.

Foresters Financial requires accurate account numbers for all additional purchases and all redemptions of uncertificated shares. Every account number is 13 characters long. Please be mindful to use a zero, when appropriate, and not the letter “O” when entering an account number. We will reject liquidations placed with unrecognizable account numbers.

Exchanges can be done between the same share class of any NSCC eligible First Investors funds. The First Investors Funds reserve the right to reject any exchange order, which, in the opinion of the Fund, is part of a market timing strategy.

Liquidations of First Investors funds will be processed according to the guidelines and settlement releases outlined by the NSCC. However, as a general policy we do not process liquidations of uncertificated shares registered in the client's name unless the Foresters Financial Fund/SERV Agreement is signed by an officer of the Broker/Dealer and returned to Foresters Financial.

If the Broker/Dealer clears for an introducing firm, a current list of those introducing firms must be sent to us before we will accept orders through Fund/SERV. In addition, Foresters Financial must be notified of any updates to the list. Orders will only be confirmed if the introducing firm has a dealer agreement on file with Foresters Financial.

On Fund/SERV redemptions, when a dividend has been paid to the shareholder of record and the client is not entitled to the dividend, the Broker/Dealer will be charged a cash adjustment for that amount through Fund/SERV.

All of the policies and guidelines stated in this document must be followed when processing orders through Fund/SERV.